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Welcome to Wise Bread’s Best of Personal Finance roundup. Today, we tell you tips for making sure that your Haiti relief donations are getting where they need to go, 8 great movie rentals that offer a return on your investment, and a tutorial for making your own fabric softener pouches.

Top 5 Articles

Make Sure Your Haiti Donation goes to Quake Aid — If you’ve been following the quake situation at all, you know that there has been a fair amount of controversy surrounding financial donations and how to make sure they are going to the people who really need them most in Haiti. This guide is quick, to the point, and likely to help answer most of your questions. Smart Spending

All-Natural Fabric Softener — Looking for a safe and inexpensive way to soften up your laundry loads? These easy-to-make (and rather cute) pouches are the way to go! Pepper Paints via MomAdvice

Great Movie Rentals that Will Pay You Back — There’s a lesson in many movies, and these are no different. Catch some entertaining financial wisdom from this list of flicks! Kiplinger via Free Money Finance

Can Your Comments Affect Your Credit? Yup. We were all slightly aware of the fact that future employers (and old high school flames) were watching our activities online, but creditors? Come on! SF Gate via Consumerist

Beef Roast Marinara — I love any cook who uses the sound advice to freeze green peppers for use in the off season. Check out what she does with them in this tasty tribute to marinara. (It costs less than $5 a meal!) $5 Dinners

Other Essential Reading

Pack a Gun to Protect Valuables from Airline Theft of Loss — Eek! Unless you’re a U.S. Air Marshall, we’re not suggesting that you actually pack heat when boarding your next flight. This interesting article introducing us to the potential security that starter pistols may (or may not) provide, is a head-scratching read, nonetheless. LifeHacker

Your Debt-to-Income Ratio: What It Is and Why You Should Care — You’ll hear this phrase a lot when discussing the factors that lead to your credit score. Scan this quick read to be sure you understand how important debt-to-income ratio is in your personal finance portfolio. Five Cent Nickel

What Rights Do Renters Have When Their Landlord Goes into Foreclosure? It’s a scary situation, but it’s also becoming more common. Find out what you can expect if it happens to you. QueerCents

Living on a Cash-Only Diet — It is possible to escape credit altogether and operate on a cash-only basis. If you’re determined to follow this path, here’s some inspirational reading. CNN Money

Homemade Gummi Candy — You can mold them into little bears, if you wish, but the point is that they are yummy, cheap, and super adorable! (This would make a great project for kids on a long weekend.) They just require some Jello and a bit of patience. Skip to My Lou

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