By Linsey Knerl

Welcome to Wise Bread’s Best of Personal Finance roundup. Today, we share the best way to get out of debt, 15 ways to slash retirement spending, and how to make wallpaper decals!

Top 5 Articles

Get a Second Job and Quit Whining About Debt — Sometimes it’s tough to hear one of the best ways to knock out debt. Read ’em and weep. Fiscal Fizzle

15 Ways to Slash Retirement Spending — This quick list is vital if you’re looking to reduce the amount of nest egg you’ll need someday. MSNBC via Free Money Finance

How to Make Wallpaper Decals — Why spend hundreds of dollars on pre-packaged wall decals, when you can whip these up for pennies? Cute stuff! Apartment Therapy via Mom Advice

Would You Out a Friend’s Spending Patterns on Facebook? Not that it’s any of my business, but some friends may need an “intervention?” Read on to consider when it may be the “friendly” thing to do. Mighty Bargain Hunter

Make 17 Meals from One Chicken — One chicken, $25 budget, 17 healthy meals.   Cheap Healthy Good via Lifehacker.

Other Essential Reading

How to Be Frugal with Your time — Priorities are a major consideration in trying to balance your life and family. Read these tips for staying within your time budget. Being Frugal

Is it Better to Buy or Rent? This handy post shares it in a simple-to-understand way, including cool charts. (We like charts!) Debt Free Adventure

Which Cars Sold Best in February — Uh.. not Toyota. See who did make the cut in this quick roundup. WalletPop

Win one of 3 iPads Just for Doing Your Taxes! This great promotion will be giving 3 lucky winners a fabulous prize (and the other prizes aren’t too shabby, either.) Money Crashers

Black Bean Fajitas — Put some beans in a blender and get going with this frugal meal for less than five bucks! $5 Dinners

Are you a fan of Alice in Wonderland? Get a chance to win a movie gift prize (Nintendo DS Game, Soundtrack CD, Movie Poster, and O.P.I Nail Polish) at our sister site, Parenting Squad!

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